FALL Lasagna Y’all

First, I don’t say y’all but it just seemed like it fit perfectly. It’s barely the end of August, I’ve been wanting Christmas since July, therefore, the beginning of apple season could not come soon enough. In response, I bought all the butternut squash and made lasagna. We allllllways eat meat at our house (my…

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Life Is More Than Food

I recently read “Meals with Jesus” by Tim Chester. It has been dog-eared and marked all over. There are many nuggets and boulders of truth in that book that resonate with what’s on this wee blog. As I read it on a flight this past year I was left salivating at parts of it. It made me long for…

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Walnut Milk

I’m in love with a new drink. You see, I’ve been slowly changing some of my eating habits (temporarily) as a trial and it involves some tight restrictions. I say temporarily because strict healthy eating isn’t something I recommend to anyone, including myself. I think it has a proper place for a short season. I’ve…

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